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 Some of the notable companies and organizations we work with or are members of:

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The first Notable Page is one of our longest standing associates, the University of Livingstonia. We have helped them with their ongoing technical support and the ongoing hosting of their website. We have worked personally with Jenny Kirk, Secretary of the University of Livingstonia Foundation, and Henry (Hank) Kirk, President of the University of Livingstonia Foundation long after our regular hours. Please take a minute of your time and visit their website, maybe there is something you are able to donate to help their cause.

Another notable page is the Onalaska Community Youth Center. We have worked with Amy Volk, the accounts manager with Cornerstone Media Resources, to help provide our time and expertise in  cleaning up donated computers for the children to use.

Other notable pages are as follows and are in no particular order: Firefighter Charitable Foundation, Washington State Narcotics Investigators Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars Washington, Fraternal Order of Police Western States Association, United Breast Cancer Foundation.

We do work for many different types of customers, such as:  Kugel Construction, Pacific Mobile Structures.

The National Federation of Independent Business: NFIB  A voice for small business!

Zebra Computers has and will continue to provide assistance to charitable donations. Please call, email, or fax with any questions.

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