Component Repair

At Zebra Computers we do work that others won’t touch!

Power Port in your laptop broken, won’t charge?

Flat rate internet price for this repair is $200 at Zebra we usually do it for a whole lot less, including teardown, reassembly and parts!   Sometimes you can’t find the “right” part, sometimes we use innovative solutions to keep devices serviceable.

Laptop Screen broken or backlight not working?  We can usually fix that at the most reasonable price around!

We also do component level repair on motherboards, like repairing burnt traces, replacing bad capacitors, power connectors,  and IC’s.  We have repaired the motherboard and video card in an essential controller for a Dental imaging machine overnight.  Restoring functionality for a fraction of the cost of replacing it with new hardware and software.  We keep an inventory of a wide variety of computer platforms so we can fix your unique device.

We have a full service ESD protected soldering bench and know how to use it! We are constantly improving and expanding our capabilities.

We also sell refurbished computers.  We try to be honest with folks, if it costs more to repair your computer than its worth, we will offer cost and time-effective solutions to get you back in business. Even if it means referring you to another vendor.

  Contact us now for details.

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