Testimonials from our Customers:

This is a Testimonial relevant to Zebra’s excellent customer service:

Recently my desk computer has been running slow so I called Zebra for a home visit.  Ian Horsburgh came out and expertly examined my computer and recommended a “Zebra Zoom” upgrade.  Two days later Ian brought back my computer and powered it up and in less then 20 seconds it was ready.  All my actions on the computer are much faster and it is now a joy to use my computer instead of constantly waiting forsomething to happen.

Over the years I have called upon Zebra Computers for help and EVERY TIME they have come through with excellent results and customer service.

I highly recommend Zebra Computers for any computer service that may be required.

Joe Harper

Happy Customer

I have learned over the years of life’s experiences that it pays to ask some one who has been there or done that for advice. With that thought in mind, a few years ago I was having serious computer problems that could not be fixed right. In Desperation I asked a friend whose business depended on her computer. She referred me to Zebra Computers- – -I Contacted them and I found that they really do live up to their slogan: WE FIX COMPUTERS RIGHT!

Vince W., Chehalis WA.

Hey Mike,

 About a week ago I brought my Mom’s computer into your shop and picked it up the following day.  Two different gentlemen helped me when I checked in and out and then a 3rd person helped my Mom on the phone when she called to give the details of what she wanted done.  Each of our experiences was wonderful.  Professional and friendly!  I just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had.  It’s often people only write and call to complain so I wanted to be sure you heard some of the good as well.

Thanks to you and your team for a great experience!

Amanda S. Centralia

Dear Mike (& Nick & Jeremy):

A special thanks to a man who makes this world a better place.

I can never thank you enough for the kindness that you’ve shown to me, as you always have for Swede, also.  I just don’t have the words to express my appreciation to you for caring SO Much-everytime I walk in your door.  My family sends their thoughts of appreciation to you too.

Thanks so Much:

Myrna, Chehalis

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