At Zebra Computers we provide expert consultation, engineering, deployment, maintenance and disaster recovery on Servers.  We can put together a new or professionally rebuilt server that will meet your needs, and fit your budget.

From Windows NT3.5 to Windows Server 2019 our very own Michael (Mike) Painter has many years of hands on work with all versions of Windows Server.

Mike also has a great working knowledge of Unix, AIX, BSD, HP-UX and Linux based Server and network platforms.

From Setting up Arrays to recovering from an Array Failure, we do RAID!

Are you getting a backup? In todays world the threats to our data are increasing.  Having a good 3,2,1 backup strategy is essential to NOT losing important data, or paying a hefty ransom to cyber crooks.  We setup, deploy, and monitor backup solutions on nearly all Server and Workstation platforms.  Having offsite backups are important and for many having a a secured copy of their digital assets in the cloud provides peace of mind.

Our preferred Virtual Machine Backup Solution

We provide Innovative Migration solutions  to migrate a current Windows domain controller and all information to a new production server. Leaving all computer and user accounts, shares and permissions the same. This way network downtime is eliminated! Been putting off that migration from an aging and unsuported Windows Server? Don’t wait any longer, Current Windows Server versions have many beneficial features and later OS kernels.

Virtualize IT  For a while now using Hyper-V on Windows to create Virtual Machines (VMs) of servers to optimize the powerful hardware found in current generation servers.  Instead of one copy of a server running on one computer, you can have many, or as many as you need to properly distribute the workload.  For instance, having a VM for the Windows Domain controller and a separate one for the Accounting server, and using the Hyper-V host as backup manager.  This way the load is distributed more appropriately.  Also VMs are portable, and not hardware specific like a physical server.  So it is easy to back them up and restore them if issues occur with hardware or viruses etc.  And with cloud infrastructure you can deploy and scale your infrastructure as necessary.  Without having to buy more hardware and licensing with significant upfront costs.  Pay as you go.

Many organizations have moved their server infrastructure to the cloud.  Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud etc.  However, some don’t feel comfortable storing their data in the cloud, and some businesses have very stringent data security rules and policies.  We can help you navigate this maze and get you a solution that works for you.

Vendor relations are the key to success.  With strategic partnerships with top tier vendors we can get you the legitimate software, hardware and services you need, cost and time effectively.

We provide innovative solutions for Digital Document storage and management. Want to go Paperless? Ask us about a digital document management system!

We build some of the most powerful and secure Firewall solutions based on name brand server hardware and open source software…content filtering, bandwidth management, load balancing, failover, VPN; all this and much more for much less than you would pay for an appliance from the big names in the security business, and with easier management and monitoring that will tell you where your people are going, and what they are doing on your time and on your dime!

Our preferred Router/Firewall/Unified Threat Management System

It can be much less expensive than you think to implement an open source or name-brand solution, and get it done right.

And we don’t charge for initial consultation and an analysis of your situation.

So if you have a server need, call Zebra Computers.

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