Custom Built


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At Zebra Computers we can build you whatever you need.  From a basic workstation to a monster gaming machine to get the best frame rates in your favorite video games.

Is it time to replace your aging computer?

Or maybe you need to add or replace a computer at your office?

We have high quality custom built computers manufactured right here in the Centralia WA USA at competitive pricing.

Have a critical need?  We can get you a new computer as soon as tomorrow!

Want to have it your way?  With Zebra Computer systems you can build it your way.

Tired of unproductive support calls to major manufacturers?  At Zebra we support what we sell.  We take care of the people who have put their faith in our support services.

PCPartpicker is a great resource for building a custom built computer. Configure your custom system now and send us the details!

We also sell used and rebuilt computers.  We try to be honest with folks, if it costs more to repair your computer than its worth, we will offer cost-effective solutions to get you back in business.  Contact us now for details.

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