Data Recovery

At Zebra Computers, we do data recovery locally.

From Flash Drives to Solid State Drives, Floppies (remember them?) IDE, SATA, SCSI SAS USB interfaces. Windows, Apple and Linux OS data recovery.

If the drive spins and initializes we can usually recover the data for a fraction of the cost of sending it out.

But, if the drive has physical damage, we can refer you to the best recovery company in the business.

Have a data loss problem? Give us a call, or shoot us an email etc.

We also destroy data on request. We can do a secure erase on all types of storage devices, and provide a Certificate Of Destruction (COD) for your compliance records. In many cases the cost of erasing a drive is a push for the value of the computer. So we will erase the storage device, and provide a COD in exchange for the leftover hardware. We continue to reuse, reduce waste and recycle computer components.

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